About Us


Established in 2013.

Junk Butler came to life in 2013 when the founder and Junk Butler himself noticed that a major public need was not being met: the public’s right to a butler!

The Junk Butler stepped in to provide a service he knows better than anyone – adding a little class to your trash!

Now we help clients, both commercial and residential, make clean-up as snazzy as a black tie event- whether it’s a one off pick up or a reoccurring affair.

Why get your hands dirty or do the heavy lifting? Need your kid’s rotting old swing set removed from the backyard? Resided your home and can’t afford a dumpster? Threw your TV out on the curb 8 weeks ago and no takers? Don’t put up with the pain and eye sores anymore!

Call Junk Butler and let our team of dashing butlers do the work while you laze in a hammock sipping your latest home brew that you were able to make because of all the time and money you saved with Junk Butler instead of using a dumpster, bagster or other junk removal services

The Junk Butler I.

Greetings Dear Sir/Madam:

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Junk Butler.

My goal: To be YOUR Junk Butler.
My role: To make your clean-up or clean-out a 5 star experience.

How will I do this? By offering and consistently providing the most thorough, efficient, friendly, and affordable junk removal services you’d expect from a highly trained Junk Butler with over 19 years of experience in the collection, removal, hauling, and disposal of junk, debris, rubble, clutter and other expended resources you want to jettison from your office, home, yard, job site, or otherwise eject from your property.

You Can Afford A Butler For A Day!!

Kindest Regards,

Your friend The Junk Butler